Marty Heyen is a working mom, who has dedicated herself to serving the parents and children of our community by serving on the Salem-Keizer school board. First elected in 2015, Marty has always made it a priority to put the needs of parents and children first, always trying to make sure the next generation of Oregonians gets the best education we can offer.

However, more work needs to be done. That’s why she’s running for House District 22. Marty will work tirelessly to ensure our schools are properly funded, that our families aren’t saddled with higher taxes, and that the small business owners in our community are protected from unnecessary rules and red tape. As your legislator, Marty will keep government out of your wallet and keep politics out of our classrooms.

As a pro-life conservative, Marty believes that nothing is more important than protecting our families and our special quality of life. That is why Marty opposes tax-payer funded abortions, supports securing our border and banning sanctuary cities, and would vote to cut taxes for middle class families.