“I’m an active booster club volunteer and parent of a McKay High school student. I’m writing in support of Marty Heyen. Since meeting with her and getting to understand her mission for our district, I know she has the best interest of our students in mind. She listens to us and understands what our community needs to flourish.” - Teresa

Oregon Family Council

“Marty has been an awesome advocate for our family. She listens and understands how to help” - Jessica Davidson

“Marty fought against OSAA with parents to try and keep our kids from being bused over the Cascades” - Michael Rice

“Marty helped me with a bullying issue and to get Safe-Oregon in our school district” - April DeFoor

Shannon Rozewski – Salem-Keizer Educator

Elena Anderson – Salem-Keizer Migrant Specialist

Dave Bartlett – Salem-Keizer Instructional Assistant

Salem-Keizer School Board Director Jessie Lippold

Salem-Keizer School Board Chair Kathy Goss

Salem-Keizer School Board Director and former Chair Paul Kyllo

Salem City Councilor, Ward 3, Brad Nanke

 Representative Bill Post

Senator Kim Thatcher

Oregon Right to Life PAC

Oregon Foster Families First PAC

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Capitol City Republican Women