Constitutional Rights

As Oregonians we pride ourselves on our freedom and independence, these are principles that run marrow deep and define who we are as a community. However, our government finds new ways every day to curb our freedoms and put undue burdens on our families and local businesses. Marty Heyen will go to the legislature to advocate for and protect our constitutional rights as Oregonians, and citizens of the United States, opposing new regulations that threaten our inalienable freedoms.

Jobs and the Economy

Increased taxes and burdensome regulations have increased the cost of living for working families. As your legislator Marty Heyen will put a stop to the job-killing policies that make it difficult for families in our community to put food on the table. Working with local business owners and community leaders, Marty will support legislation that attracts good paying jobs to our district and our state.


As a mom and a Salem-Keizer School Board member, Marty believes nothing is more important than ensuring our children are given the best opportunities to succeed in life, and that starts by offering the best education possible. However, for too long politicians in Salem have put our children at the back of the line, funding projects for special interest and throwing taxpayer dollars at wasteful programs instead of making sure our schools are properly funded. As your legislator Marty will fight for better funding for our schools, making sure parents are given more choice in their children’s education by expanding Charter Schools, and supporting career and technical education.

Healthcare and Seniors

Marty Heyen believes in keeping government accountable to the promises it has made to retirees and seniors, and that starts by making sure that we protect programs like Social Security and Medicare. Our seniors should be able to enjoy their golden years without being worried that government will defund or threaten their retirement or access to healthcare.